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Donation Guidelines

Donation Guidelines


We accept washers, dryers, dishwashers, microwaves, stoves, ovens, ranges, and range hoods 10 years in age or less. Appliances with refrigerant (Refrigerators, freezers, and AC units) must be 8 years in age or less.   Appliances must be in good working condition and have all the necessary parts. 


We accept residential cabinets. Cabinets must have all the drawers and doors and cannot have water damage or structural damage. We do not accept cabinet doors. We also accept cabinet hardware in excellent condition. We accept all counter tops that are not particleboard.

Carpet and Rugs

We accept NEW carpet in sizes exceeding 25 square feet, no runners. We accept bound rugs of any size. Carpets and rugs must be in good condition with no stains, fraying, holes, odors or animal hair. 


We accept all exterior/interior residential/commercial doors.  Doors must not have water damage, must be less than 80" tall and must be more than 18" wide. Storm doors must have all the necessary tracking. 


We accept new hardwood, vinyl and laminate flooring in quantities 60 square feet or larger. tile must be donated in quantities 60 square feet or larger. We accept mosaic tile in any quantity. 


We accept new and used furniture in good condition with no structural damage. Upholstered furniture cannot have any stains, rips, or animal hair. Used furniture that requires assembly accepted on a limited basis. We do not accept particle board, pressed board or fiber board furniture. We do not accept incomplete bed frames, metal desks, L-shaped or executive desks, box TV entertainment centers, armoires, or china cabinets, cribs, or other baby items. We cannot accept mattresses and box springs due to health department regulations. Furniture older than 20 years accepted upon inspection (we love antiques, but we struggle to sell some older styles of furniture). 


We accept all hardware and tools (hand and power) that are in working order and without rust. We cannot accept lithium or NiCd batteries unable to hold a charge.

Lawn and Garden

We accept patio furniture, yard tools and unopened yard care products. We will no longer accept gas powered tools of any kind.  All battery operated tools  must have a battery (holding a charge) and charger.


We accept commercial and residential electrical supplies including switches, outlets, drop cords, electrical wiring, etc.


We are excited to announce that we have begun accepting a limited scope of electronics. Must be 5 years old or less (no VHS). We accept flat screen TV's, stereo systems, speakers and DVD players. We do not accept small appliances such as coffee makers, toaster ovens, blenders, or sewing machines. 

Home Decor

We accept home decor items such as artwork, vases, candles, decorative tchotchke, artificial plants, etc. 


We accept light fixtures in working order that don't have pieces missing or broken glass. We do not accept track, fluorescent, or recessed lighting. We DO NOT accept lightbulbs.

Lumber & Trim

We accept sheet goods (drywall, plywood, pegboard, OSB, etc.) in pieces of 1/2 sheet size or larger. Pieces of siding, trim, molding and lumber must be at least 4' or longer and without protruding nails.


We accept cans of paint that are new, unused, and 8 years old or less, provided that the paint can is without rust and has been stored in a temperature-controlled environment. Please make sure you donate paint during Store hours. 


We accept sinks and tubs in good condition with no scratches, chips or stains. We do not accept pink, yellow, green or blue sinks. Wall-mounting sinks must come with their mounting bracket. All toilets must be low-flow (1.6 gallons per flush or less; this info will be written on the toilet by the toilet seat hinge or somewhere on the inside of the tank.) We do not accept jacuzzi tubs. We do accept walk-in tubs. 


We accept wooden and vinyl windows provided there is no broken glass or water damage. Window sashes in good condition are accepted. We do not accept storm windows or loose screens. 

We can no longer accept Blinds or Mini Blinds.

Items We Don't Take

Cribs, any baby items and toys, water heaters, coffee makers, toaster ovens, sewing machines, tupperware, miscellaneous dishes or silverware, books, clothes, blankets, blinds or mini blinds, curtains, pillows, mattresses, used light bulbs, old TV's, unframed mirrors or glass, cabinet doors, pianos and organs.  


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