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Donation Drop-Off Procedures

We now schedule all drop-off donations take place Tuesday - Saturday 10am-4pm by appointment. When you arrive at the loading dock located in the rear of the building, a staff member/volunteer will screen the donation to make sure the items fall within our donation guidelines and be available to assist with unloading. All donations are tax-deductible and a simple tax receipt will be filled out by the donor at the time of the donation. Per federal taxation laws, the donor is responsible for assigning the value of the donation on the tax receipt. Click here to read our donation guidelines.

Donation Pick-up Scheduling Procedures

To request a donation pick-up, please call the Store or email A Habitat staff member will respond to all requests within 48 hours. We recommend contacting us 1-2 weeks before needing the item(s) picked up. All donations are tax-deductible and a simple tax receipt will be filled out by the donor at the time of the donation. Click here to read our donation guidelines.

Storage Policy

We will store any item after it has been purchased at no cost for two business days. Thereafter a $5 per business day fee will be charged. After 2 weeks, items will be returned to the sales floor for resale.


We will accept returns, up to 2 weeks from the day of purchase, with a valid receipt, for exchange or store credit. Inventory must be in the same condition as it was at the time of purchase. Appliances and select tools are still covered by a two-week money-back warranty.

Pricing Policy

All donated product is priced at least 50% off the original retail value, minus age and condition. We do our best to carefully inspect and research the original retail value of each donated item as part of the pricing process. Some of our inventory is vintage, antique, or out-of-the-ordinary, making it difficult to arrive at an original retail price. In these circumstances, we do our best to assign a value based on the prices of other online and local second-hand retailers and past Habitat Store pricing of a similar item when applicable. While we are always happy to discuss the price of an item, we do not negotiate and have implemented a markdown system to ensure that items are routinely marked down until they are sold.

Appliance Warranties

To the best of our abilities, all donated appliances are tested by a Habitat Store staff member upon arrival. In the event of mechanical failure, we offer a two-week money-back warranty on all appliances and select tools.

Merchandise Holds

*During the COVID-19 pandemic we will not hold items until further notice* We are happy to hold items in the Store for 4 hours. To avoid conflict among customers, we do not allow “back up” holds. A customer may call the Store and request a hold be placed on any item, provided that item is not already on hold.  

Phone Purchases

We are happy to process a payment by phone for any item in the Store provided that the customer has seen the item in-person.


While we don't negotiate, prices are lowered regularly through the Habitat Store Markdown system.

Safety Policy

For your safety, shirt and shoes are required.  


We love kids! Please help us to ensure their safety by keeping a close eye on them while in the Store.


We love dogs! Please keep them on a leash at all times for the safety and comfort of others in the Store.


We pay by the pound for any item thrown in our dumpster. To keep our trash removal costs down, we respectfully decline donations we anticipate being a “hard sell” and ask that the general public refrain from using the Habitat Store dumpster for personal use.

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